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Active Kidz.... Active Minds!

"Already as infants we learn to know the extension of our own body and how it is spatially related to external things..."
Piaget J. and Inhelder B.
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Active Kidz Daycare Centre is a brand new facility that emphasizes on the physical, social, emotional and cognitive development of children. These skills are very important in the early years of a child’s life. Our qualified Early Childhood Educators are trained to provide your child with all the fundamental academic skills needed to start school. Our teaching methods are taught through play and real life experiences. At Active Kidz we value the importance of a strong body and mind, this is the underlying concept of our philosophy.
With all the problems of young adult obesity in our society, we would like to offer your child the opportunity to experience age appropriate physical education from the earliest stages of life. We believe that if children can understand the importance of exercise at an early age, they will carry the habit into adulthood. As well we are going to be providing the children with only healthy and Organic foods. It is our intent not to have any processed food in our centers.

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