At Active Kidz Daycare Centre we recognize the importance of physical education and the theory of Jean Piaget.
  • to provide a safe, comfortable loving environment;
  • to provide a secure, positive, and intellectually stimulating environment that nurtures a love of learning;
  • to expand logical thinking skills;
  • to provide multi-model learning experiences that develop children’s unique gifts and multiple intelligences;
  • to foster children’s intellectual development by designing learning experiences that incorporate higher order thinking operations;
  • to acquire learning and problem-solving skills;
  • to develop beginner reading & writing skills;
  • to demonstrate skills in make-believe play;
  • to foster language development by providing a variety of authentic learning experiences;
  • to enhance gross motor skills;
  • to enhance and refine fine motor skills;
  • to advance the child’s fitness ability to a higher level;
  • to foster self-esteem through positive learning experiences with peers and adults;
  • to provide a variety of experiences that foster the development of the child’s social responsibility in a changing world;
  • to exhibit a positive attitude towards life;
  • to promote on-going parent, staff and child communication;

At Active Kidz Daycare Centre we recognize the importance of physical education and the theory of Jean Piaget.

We have integrated a structured age appropriate physical education program that provides our children with the ability to nurture their bodies through daily exercise. We believe that developing the children’s physical skills is a foundation for cognitive abilities. As a result, we have developed an enriched well- balanced curriculum that values Academics, Fitness, Drama, Music and Arts.

In addition our program emphasizes the need to achieve the child’s learning experience through play. All of our activities are developed from this basic philosophy. The Piaget method encourages this idea: Children learn by observing what happens when they interact with materials and other people. They spontaneously engage in activities such as block building, painting, or dramatic play, adding pieces of information to what they already know and thereby generating new understandings

Our stimulating program will complement your child’s education; he/she will participate in Physical Education, introducing Letters & Numbers, Computer Studies, Science, Weekly French Lessons, Arts & Crafts, Story Telling, Music program, and Field Trips.

In keeping with this philosophy, Active Kidz Daycare Centre provides a program that helps children develop a love for learning, independence, self-control and the ability to interact positively with others. We recognize that each child is unique and we provide a comfortable, safe and nurturing environment where children will be stimulated to develop social, physical, emotional and intellectual skills. Our programs focus on developing well-rounded, secure and self-confident children, while having fun and making new friends.


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