Active Kidz offers programs for children from 18-months to 5 years of age. Our program is a full day program with a morning and afternoon snack and a hot lunch. In our menu the meals are healthy and organic foods, nutritionally well balanced, high in nutrients, low in fat, salt and sugars. It is our intent not to have any processed food in our centres.

Part of our uniqueness as a Daycare Centre is a large Gymnasium. In this space we offer Physical Education Programs for children between 18 months to 5 years of age, which is above and beyond our basic academic curriculum. We offer a well-equipped and safe gymnasium. Our program is based on European physical education techniques and methods, which have been in practice for many years.

In our program every child has an equal opportunity to feel good about themselves. We promote high self-esteem through the exercise: In our gym, EVERY CHILD IS A WINNER .

Along with physical education, we offer our children an age appropriate Academic Curriculum, which emphasizes the learning experience At Active Kidz we believe that a healthy body promotes a healthy mind.
  • Introduction to reading and writing;
  • To build the foundation of basic mathematics, through the introduction of numbers;
  • Science through observation and hands on practice, including a Science Centre;
  • Introduction to computers using educational software;
  • Dramatic Arts is provides daily in every classroom’s Dramatic Centre;
  • Art Centre, including daily Arts & Crafts;
  • Daily Music Program. with instruments in the Music Centre;
  • Story Telling is daily, lots of books provided at the Book Centre;
  • Sensory Centre used to explore all five senses;
  • French lessons provided for Preschoolers;
(6 months - 18 months - Ratio 3:1)

Our unique full-day program offers a caring and stimulating environment designed to meet the individual needs of each child. Personalized schedules, feeding times and daily charting help each child to develop at their own pace. Time is spent both indoors and outside and children are encouraged to explore their world in a safe and loving environment. Daily activities, crafts, songs, games and age appropriate educational toys all combine to provide the perfect atmosphere for growing minds and bodies.

(18 - 30 months - Ratio 5:1)

Children will learn basic rules and routines, develop social skills, and enjoy a variety of learning experiences. We encourage our children to develop a sense of self-awareness, and learn about their rapidly changing environment as they develop the skills required to deal with these challenges. We like to promote activities that encourage them to play with other children in small groups, and then slowly introduce them into larger groups. This will give them the ability to learn to play with other children, share ideas, and accomplish activities as a group. We also stress the importance of independence in order to teach them to express individual ideas and to accomplish age appropriate tasks by themselves.

(30 months - 6 years - Ratio 8:1)

Our Preschool Program provides intellectual stimulation for our children. They learn the basic concepts in an exciting, fun, educational and active way. Our Program opens up a world to our Preschoolers through firsthand experiences with people, events, animals, places and things. We show our children that Leaning is fun! Daily indoor and outdoor fun filled exercise keeps our children physically active and fit while they can make use of their large and small muscles. We continue teaching basic reading and writing skills, the introduction of letters and numbers. We encourage the children to choose books from our Book Centre and we have Story time daily. Our ongoing Computer Program ensures that our children will get familiar with modern technology, and we strive to update our machines as technology progresses. We provide them with lots of opportunities to explore their creativity and imagination through Dramatic Play and Visual Art. Continuous Science activity is built into our program, where children can do their own observation and hands on activities. Our Music program is ongoing through the day with such activities as singing, introduction to instruments, and age appropriate music theory. Children can explore their senses in the Sensory Centre, which is available to our children all the time. French Class is provided weekly for our Preschoolers.

Included in our indoor-outdoor program:
  • Introduction to reading and writing;
  • Toilet training, the toilet training progress is recorded on a
        chart daily for the parents;
  • The daily age appropriate fun filled exercise is provided to ensure that
        our Toddlers will use their large-small muscles and feel good about themselves;
  • Introduction to Letters and Numbers;
  • Providing endless opportunities to explore creativity and imagination through
        Dramatic Play and Visual Arts;
  • Daily Music program, Finger play, and Story telling, is provided;
  • Computers are provided with age appropriate software;
  • Firsthand Sensory-Science experiences are available daily;

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