T H E  J O U R N E Y  B E G I N S  H E R E . . .

Infant Room

AGES 0 - 18 Months

A warm and stimulating home-like environment with plenty of sensory experiences, intended and furnished to promote development.

Our friendly teachers welcome you and your baby with open arms to join in the fun.

Over 15 Years Experience in the childcare world!

Toddler Room

AGES 18 - 30 Months

Designed to encourage your child’s independence, communication and problem-solving skills.

Our teachers are always up for an adventure with your energetic toddler.

Purpose built play areas for your child’s growth and development


AGES 2.5 - 4 Years

Intended to further build your child’s knowledge, opening their eyes to the world around them.

Our excellent educators make learning the fundamentals easy in a playful way.

Dedicated teachers get your child ready for primary school


AGES 4 - 6 Years

Provides a strong foundation upon which to build the skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary for lifelong learning.

Our teachers encourage the children to try out their ideas, gain experiences and expand their learning.

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